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The test temperature is set by rotating the temperature control to the setting of the fire valve (usually either 65 or 90 C). The valve sensor is inserted into a tube built into the test box.

Time to complete the test is approximately 3 minutes from switch on. There is no need to wait for the test box to cool before it can be packed away at the end of the test.

Simply plug the unit into the mains and set the required temperature. Then insert the fire valve sensor into the unit and switch on. With in a few minutes the fire valve should have operated. When the test is complete switch off the unit and remove the sensor (taking care as the sensor will be hot). When the sensor has cooled reposition the sensor and reset the valve. The unit can be packed away as soon as the test is complete as there are no hot external surfaces to worry about.

This small, portable and highly versatile unit can accept a variety of phial lengths and all makes of capillary fire valves with the use of additional sleeves.


Most makes of Fire Valve can be tested with this unit with the use of the above sleeve, additional sleeves can be purchase please ask for further info.

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